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My name is Nick George. I currently live in Macomb, MI. I have a job, I go to college, and I work with computers. A lot. I’ve had an interest in computers since I were only a couple years old, and that interest continued to grow over time, learning about their architecture, how they actually worked, etc.

Around the age of 13, I became involved with the SkullTag community, a source port for id Software’s “Doom” series of games that used the idTech 1 engine. I learned to create scripts for game levels using a proprietary language called “ACS” or “Action Coding Scripts.” I had not known at the time, but the language shared a lot of similarities to C and as I began to master ACS, I had learned a lot of decent coding practice from my work. Along side this, I had also picked up on ZDoom’s DECORATE scripting. ZDoom was the source port SkullTag had been derived from, and aside from the client/server netcode, almost all modding functionality had come from ZDoom. DECORATE was an example of an actual scripting language and had almost zero relation to any programming languages. I quickly experimented with that and learned it’s ins-and-outs as well.

Eventually, I had become one of the “go to” guys in the community for any coding help. Some of my works include new game modes like the one in the multiplayer mod “WhoDunIt”, a GUI library that provided mouse-driven functionality that was fairly easy to use (although primitive in nature), and a parkour mod that allowed players to grab onto ledges, run on and jump off of walls, slide along the floor, and more. Remember, all of this was done in the Doom engine without any source modifications short of what the source port provided!

(Links for the above mentioned works will be up in the near future)

Now, I have been studying and working with C/C++ and OpenGL for a couple of years, and have been getting into game development with a small team.

I have since established my own attitude about programming, and while I’m not an all-mighty guru, the way I’ve come to learn about programming, development, and the elements involved, coupled with my background with games and a bit of game design, lead me to believe that my opinion on various matters would at least be worth a look. 😉

  • I began this blog in August 2012 under the hosting provided by the-powerhouse.net. I owe a lot to it’s maintainer.
  • I am currently working on a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, although my dream goal is to create a reasonably successful video game.

What is a coding buff?

A couple years ago, I remember discussing with my Alaskan buddy Aric some code-related stuff for a SkullTag mod. I remember pointing out a solution to him, and he mentioned that he was going to work on something different while I did the coding, stating he wasn’t a “coding buff”.

With my recent research and work with programming, along with some articles on Coding Horror, revealing that, apparently, it takes a certain mind to become skilled in the field of programming, I recalled Aric’s statement about a coding buff and figured I was just that; a coding buff, someone with a particular talent or knack for coding.

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