For Lack of Better Research

Alright, now that the site seems to be fully up and running, I’d like to quickly talk about something before I go to sleep, and that is: Users giving feedback with a suggested fix that is often complete nonsense if not entirely ignorant.

It’s very common to see in a video game community comments such as:

“It’s an easy fix.”


“Just do x and y and it’ll be fixed easy!”

These comments are fine and all. People are just trying to provide ideas or solutions. But the biggest thing that irks me about such suggestions is the sheer lack of actual knowledge behind most of them. If the solution were as simple as had been mentioned, it would have already been done. Often times, people bring up an idea but have zero background on the subject, and thus what they are stating becomes nothing more than nonsense.

For example, DICE’s latest Battlefield iteration, Battlefield 3, has many ways for its users to express their concerns over any bugs, gameplay issues, etc. via the forums (such as on battlelog, the DICE site, and the EA site), the feedback site, reddit, twitter, and more.

I have personally seen posts with statements such as this:

“They could pay five people to play this game and find all the glitches and it would be done in a day. “

This is not how it works, folks!

An old programming saying goes, “Fix one bug, create two more.” It’s just about impossible for large-scale programs to be entirely bug free, and when you fix existing bugs you potentially end up creating more with your fix. It seems like a vicious circle, but the point is to get the program to a stable enough point that additional bug fixes are not needed.

I also find this a bit upsetting when people make posts like that, because then it spreads like a virus; uniformed people believe what they read and then think that it’s truth, which in turn causes more people to get on the developer’s case, stating a proposed solution that actually has no background whatsoever.

Whenever I see something like this, I’ll often try to intervene and make a statement or response with a general idea of what may be happening. The goal of the posts isn’t to appear knowledgeable or prove anyone wrong, but to simply provide a correct perspective and shed some light on what they generally do not know much about.

This being my first blog post, I think you can expect to see more from me related to explaining some programming or game development-related stuff with a bit of depth. Perhaps a reader can learn something from it, and who knows, I might wind up linking an article for people to see in some posts some time in the near future.

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